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About Ein Hod

The Artists Village of Ein Hod sits on a hill overlooking the beaches of Atlit and a Crusaders’ fortress, off the old Tel Aviv-Haifa Highway. Established in 1953, it is based on a concept devised by a group of artists led by Marcel Janco – building the first Israeli artists’ village to provide its residents with a supportive and creative framework

 Though the first decades were hard, the founders persisted thanks to their ideals and vision. Currently it is the only artists’ village in Israel (one of a few in the world), home for people who make plastic art, music, literature, and theater.

The communal aspects of life are managed by a General Assembly and an Executive Committee, elected every 2 years. Current population is several hundred families, and it has two kindergartens, a youth center, and extensive communal activities.

The village belongs to the Hof Carmel Regional Council that stretches along the Mediterranean coast and Mt. Carmel’s western slopes, from south of Tirat Carmel to north of Caesarea. This strip of land is popular with bike- and horse-riders, hikers, and vacationers. It is surrounded by the blue sea, golden sands, evergreen forests, olive groves, vineyards, banana plantations, and lush orchards.

 Council settlements offer a variety of rental huts, guesthouses, resorts, picnic sites, romantic beaches, fine restaurants, wineries, organic farms, and more. Visitors can choose numerous hiking tracks that run through breathtaking vistas and unique nature reserves, including the internationally-important Nahal HaMearot (River of Caves) Nature Reserve where cavemen bones were discovered.

For more information on tourism options in the region check out the Carmelim Association site at www.carmelim.org.il

How to get?
  • Bus line :921 of Egged station, Atlit Nir Etzion, Ein Hod. Line 691 of a lines company from the center of the Carmel Beach train station and back.
  • By  car: from Route 1 turns right at the Atlit interchange to Route 721 at the intersection of Highway 4 turn left toward Zichron Yaacov And a half a pound later to the left on Route 711 leading to Ein Hod.