Outdoor Sculptures


Art in the Public Space of Ein Hod



Ein Hod is filled with dozens of public artworks, mainly sculptures, that can be found at roundabouts, 

along streets, on house walls, inside green gardens, and in other surprising places. 

The sculptures were all created by local artists from metal, stone, recycled materials, and more. 

Though most works are found around the village center, quite a few of them can be seen in the southern, 

less touristic sections of the village, adorning streets and house entrances.



Outdoor sculpture track at Ein Hod


A tour of the Ein Hod street art can take you to wild nature patches where a huge metal sculpture suddenly pops up in a forest clearing; 

to the house of an artist whose entrance is covered with peeled tree trunks that breathtakingly look like human faces; 

or to small and hidden gardens where beautiful sculptures stand next to shady benches. 

There is so much art to see in Ein Hod!


The truth is that the Artists Village of Ein Hod is one big open-air museum for original, funny, imaginative, and inspiring sculptures. 

Using the map below, which details the names of artists and locations of their works, the entire family can take a ride or a hike of the sculptures,

 take your picture next to them, and be inspired by hundreds of small art pieces against a rural background.

“Aman Bagan”

Exhibition close to the kindergarten