Resturants and more

Doña Rosa

Meat and Argentinian food restaurant


Meat Restaurant Type, Not kosher
mon-thur: 12:00- 21:30
fri: 22:00-12:00
sut: 20:00-12:00

Our SABAYA  is a house of pizza , drinks
food for the soul and live music.
all made with love everybody
is wellcome.
opening hours:
Tuesday-thursday- 17:00- 23:00 pizza menu
friday- privete events
saturday 10:00- until over yemen food( jahnoon&kubane)
17:00-23:00 surprise menu


Yanooki's taverna And Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine-seasonal coffee shop breakfasts and Mediterranean menu changes

There are occasional Greek and ethnic Taverna shows on a Saturday night that attract a large audience


Location behind the artists ‘ gallery
Type the Mediterranean-seasonal restaurant
Opening Hours:

sun-tue: 8:30-17:30
wed-thur: 23:30-08:30

fri-sut: 17:30-08:30