A day in the village-Organized experience for groups

Ein Hod Art Gallery invites groups to coordinate a visit that includes a multidisciplinary experience at the Artists’ Village.

Welcome and light refreshments, Guided tour with the curators at the central gallery exhibitions in Ein Hod, a tour around the countryside among outdoor sculptures intimate artist encounters, Workshop Practical (Ceramics, Textile,Print) and pastoral wandering through the alleys of the village.

The visit lasts 3-5 hours and is suitable for groups of employees, organized groups of experience days for special events and more.

The visit is tailored to the needs of the group and promises a consolidating and unforgettable experience of art and culture.

To schedule a visit and more details: [email protected]


Staged Tour in the Artists Village

Mademoiselle Ornament from Ein Hod, was one of the greatest cabaret singers in the 1950s. Nowadays she clings to her past with loads of charm and naughty humor, while strolling along the village alleys. Mademoiselle Ornament reveals discrete secrets about people, parties, balls, and with the right approach, adds spicy juicy gossip.

The tour starts at the Janco-Dada Museum, and includes visiting Marcel Janco’s original studio.

To be booked and paid in advance.

Tel: 04-9842350

Cell: 0544577762


[email protected]

TOUR EIN - HOD Experiential Tourism Center

The Village Guided Tour. 

Participate in art workshops, Suitable for individuals, families or groups.

Dan & Lea Ben Arye- artists living, creating and exhibiting in Ein Hod, For over three decades, Offers the visitor ways to enrich and deepen their experience in Ein Hod.

Pre-coordinate– please contact

Lea 972-544811968

[email protected]

2 min video for experiencing Ein Hod

Ein Hod for kids

Lea Ben Arye- Silk screen printing on fabric workshop

An explanation and demonstration of Lea Ben-Arye’s special technique You will experience preparing and printing your own design On white “T” shirts that you will bring.  Or on cotton bags we supply.     About 90 MinutesSuitable for individuals, families or groups.

Pre-coordinate– please contact 

Lea 972-544811968 

[email protected]

Pottery workshops- Naomi Verchovsky
Clay workshops for all ages (book in advance)
pottery wheel classes (book in advance)
Open every day
Naomi Verchovsky
The Print Room - The Renovated Lithography Workshop in Ein Hod

The lithography workshop was established in the early years of the village and was renovated in 2021.

In the unique space where there are tools and printing presses used for stone printing, workshops are held in relief printing and engraving techniques that are environmentally friendly.

The workshops are suitable for individuals, families and groups (up to 10 participants).

Please pre-coordinate & contact
Tamar Navon 054-4246549 
Rachie Sernoff-Wallfish  050-7209361

TAL POTTERY-Studio Gallery

Work shop on the wheel for groups (from 2-4 people)

pottery course

Demonstration of tea pot on the wheel and lecture/

all activities by apointment


Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music and Music Boxes

A guided tour of the Nischo Museum which includes concert demonstrations in a rare and unique archive. The collection is managed by Nissan Cohen.

Entrance fee 35 NIS  and 25 NIS per child

Tours by appointment 0524755313.

[email protected]

Japanese experience

An experiential encounter in the Japanese home of the Yamaguchi family in Ein Hod.

Getting to know the traditional Japanese home and lifestyle,Demonstration of wearing kimonos, Japanese Kenji bookmark script, experience in the art of paper folding and participation in a traditional tea ceremony.

You can also add musical pieces by the artist Noboya Yamaguchi on musical instruments that he creates.

The workshop lasts about two hours and is held by prior arrangement for couples, families of children aged 4 and over and groups up to 25 in a group.

By appointment: Shir Meller Yamaguchi 0507548009

[email protected]

HASADNA- A place for ceramics and pottery

The workshop offers regular learning lessons in fossils and handicrafts. It is also possible to hold a one-time workshop Suitable for couples, families and groups.

The activity in the workshop is suitable as a birthday gift and special events.

By appointment: Sharon- 0544251828

Caption for photograph – Workshop with old cameras and equipment

one and half hours of exposure to treasures of Israeli Photography . For adults only.

Join Vivienne Silver-Brody, Specialist in Collecting Israeli Photography and entering the world of yesterday through photography

How did early travelers take photographs or purchase them?

What did they see in the Holy Land?

Vivienne will show you treasures such as daguerreotypes, stereographs (the first coffee table books), 19th century books with original photographs in them, read extracts from pilgrims accounts of their travel in this land.

Look at early snapshots, early Purim costumes, New Year Cards.

Meet in the Silver Print Gallery, Ein Hod for one and a half hours

[email protected].

walk, talk, see & photograph

Photographer and Licensed Tour Guide

phone: 050-5638786
tel/fax: 04-9841067
[email protected]