Art Gallery Ein Hod

דרור קרטה, "ארכיב", מראה הצבה



The Art Gallery of Ein Hod is the main gallery in the Artists village 
 the place where you can place your finger on the creative pulse of the village and the Israeli art field.

The gallery was founded in 1953, the same year the village was established.
 Literally located in the center of the village,
 the gallery is like the heart of Ein Hod, with all roads leading to the various parts of the village and back to the gallery.
The gallery presents changing exhibitions of the village’s artists from various fields and a wide range of periods and mediums,
 alongside a spacious wing where contemporary art exhibitions are presented.

In the lobby archive pieces from the history of Ein Hod are displayed. 
The exhibition space of Ein Hod enables the direct sale of original works of art – 
you can purchase a piece while visiting the gallery.

In the gallery’s project room, solo exhibitions, lectures and interviews, or experimental work. 

Gallery 2 for contemporary art presents group exhibitions of Israeli artists in

a variety of mediums and curatorial themes. 

In the gallery shop you can buy reproductions, posters and various souvenirs created by the artists of Ein Hod.

Ein Hod Art Gallery is part of the renewed artistic activity in the artists’ village
 – and is a dynamic focus for contemporary artistic and cultural happenings
Manager of The gallery and curator: Zella Kotler Hadari
Curator: Almog Gaz
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 14:00
Saturday 11:00 – 16:00
Group visits and tours can be coordinated with the curators
Parking in the parking lot outside the village