Artists Gallery Ein Hod

Feel the local creative pulse at the Central Art Gallery. Shared by all of the Ein Hod artists, it is one of Israel’s largest galleries. It opened with the village, in 1953 – definitely a mythological establishment.

The Artists Gallery showcases local painters, sculptors, potters, artisans, and dozens of Israeli and international artists. Curated by Naomi Hoss, the gallery offers single and group shows all year round, as well as on-site collaborations and interesting gala events for art lovers.

The Entry Hall presents alternating solo exhibitions. The Arches Hall carries jewelry, glassworks, and ceramic pieces by local designers and artisans. The Main Hall boasts the gallery collection of plastic artworks (drawings, paintings, sculptures, and prints), including pieces by the village forefathers.

The Small Gallery carries alternating exhibitions of local and visiting artists, and the largest and final space is the Big Gallery – a large hall that carries theme exhibitions of works by local and visiting artists.

Artists Gallery Ein Hod

Opening hours of the renewed Ein Hod Gallery:

tue.thur,fri: 10: 00-14: 00

Saturdays and Holidays: 11: 00-16: 00

Free Entrance

 04-9842029 / 04-9842548  | [email protected]