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Welcome to Ein Hod

Up on Mt. Carmel, in the heart of a splendid nature reserve overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, stands the Artists Village of Ein Hod – a unique home of a thriving community of painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, and metal, glass, and stone artists – who live and work in one of Israel’s finest spots, between the mountain and the sea.

Ein Hod is a true gem between the mountains and the sea.

Introducing: the Janco Dada Museum

Want to find out how the Artists Village of Ein Hod was established? Visit its artistic origin at the Janco Dada Museum, where you will learn all about the revolutionary and rebellious spirit that motivated the founders – Dadaists one and all. 

Want to know what Dada is?



The Ein Hod Amphitheater

Picture this: The day has been rather warm and humid, but now you sit under starry summer skies and the rising sea breeze makes it cool and pleasant. You are in a small amphitheater styled in ancient Roman stonemasonry, surrounded by woods. It is almost full, the seats have all been taken, and excitement rises. Soon your favorite artist will come on stage and appear before you, within reach!



The Ein Hod Artists Gallery

If you wish to feel the artistic pulse of Ein Hod, the Central Artists Gallery is the place to see. Surprisingly, this is one of Israel’s largest galleries, with five exhibition halls and alternating shows by local and visiting artists. It is a mythological institution whose story is woven into the village’s life.

About Ein Hod

The Artists Village of Ein Hod sits on a hill overlooking the beaches of Atlit and a Crusaders’ fortress, off the old Tel Aviv-Haifa Highway. It was established in 1953, based on a concept devised by a group of artists led by Marcel Janco – building the first Israeli artists’ village to provide its residents with a supportive and creative framework. Though the first decades were hard, the founders persisted thanks to their ideals and vision, which promoted the only artists village in Israel.